Vibrate the Cosmos. The Cosmos shall clear the path.

Lessons from my first Kundalini Yoga Festival experience I heard much about the European Yoga Festival during my teacher training. The common consensus was “extraordinary”, “fabulous”, “incredible”, and “awesome”, to name just a few superlatives that were regularly stated with my colleague’s accounts. The participation at the White Tantra group meditation is in fact a … Continue reading Vibrate the Cosmos. The Cosmos shall clear the path.

About Tenacity and Success

As I was watching an episode of Star Trek Voyager the other day (yes, I do :D), a particular word articulated by Captain Janeway caught my entire attention. This usually means that I reflect on it in more detail, and check if it its meaning is worth assimilating. The word is, brace yourselves: TENACITY! That’s … Continue reading About Tenacity and Success

The Power of Words

Before you take it into your well-deserved summer break, I want you to reflect on a very important subject that influences Your Life every day: the power of words. A word is a sound, and a sound is a vibration. The entire world, yes, the entire universe, as well as yourself (your body, your minds, … Continue reading The Power of Words


I know that there are still very many things that we need to talk about; and I take outmost care of choosing subjects which I believe could help you in Your Life – as in mine. For this month, I was toying with the following idea: CONFIDENCE Let’s talk about confidence and self-confidence: what do you … Continue reading Confidence


How are things going? June 15th, summer solstice, means that we are facing a turning point in the year. Turning points also make an excellent subject for our bimonthly Newsletter-Blog, and maybe we will discuss it in due course, why not? However, I figured that there was something else that we needed to address in … Continue reading Worrying

Overcome self-doubt

How gorgeous was this May? I hope that you are enjoying the spring. We for ourselves, aka Louise and me, cannot get enough of being outside. In the last Newsletter-Blog, we talked about some key lessons that I came back with, from our trip to Nepal. Well, I left out one, because I believe it needs … Continue reading Overcome self-doubt

What I learnt from Nepal

After our trip to Nepal, I decided that it was about time I did more of what serves you, and less of what serves neither of us. More free advice and support. Less problems. This means that the Newsletter-Blog is coming to you biweekly now, rather than monthly. For this first of two editions in … Continue reading What I learnt from Nepal

Anger Management

How are you doing? It just seems like yesterday that we spoke about the Lessons of Life in the March Newsletter, and now, whoop, whoop! The April edition is here. This edition is somewhat therapeutic for me. I also recently met a lovely young woman who told me about her experience with Life Coaching, and … Continue reading Anger Management

Lessons from Life

March is also known as the birthday month in my agenda, because, well, it’s my birthday on the 5th. Why am I telling you this? Next year is going to mark a big one for me, and before I change the numbers in front and in the back of my age, and move on to another decade … Continue reading Lessons from Life

Unlearning Procrastination

How are things going for you so far? Are you opting for happiness and expressing your appreciation for it? Those are just two significant tools of many that work on your mindset. You may know that Napoleon Hill said “whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve”. Unfortunately, sometimes there is this little … Continue reading Unlearning Procrastination