November: 11 = 10 + 1

November: 11 = 10 + 1
Journey through the Soul and the Radiant Body

The magic of the 11

November is the eleventh month in our calendar. Eleven is 10 + 1. Ten plus One is the relationship between the Soul and the Radiant Body. This implies a permanent relationship between “the small I” and “the big I” (you & the Infinite).

I am talking Karam Kriya numerology here, as taught by my spiritual teacher Shiv Charan Singh.

11 as expressed in 10 +1 is the conclusion: I am!
In its highest expression it is: Me and God, God and Me, are One.

You may not be calling it God in your own terms. It can be anything you like to call it.

The Creation. The Unseen. That what cannot be named. The Unknown. The Infinite. That what does not exist in my range of comprehension. The Magic. The Mystery. The Spirit. The Force.

When you realise that you and everything else in this universe is connected.
You in Everything Existing, and Everything Existing in You.

The trap of the 11

Do you sometimes yearn without knowing exactly what for? Like feeling as if you don’t belong… that may be the 2 speaking.

There is a significant difference between making the feeling of the 11 in November whole, as in 10+1; or sliding down into a spiral journey of 1+1=2. Why?

In the 2 you feel a distance. Like feeling homesick. Maybe a deep-rooted sadness that you cannot explain. We call it “the longing to belong”.

2 expresses the extension of your soul from its origin. It’s an extension, but it may feel like a split. You long to belong to your true nature. It is an intricate desire to not be separated.

From the Finite comes a longing for the Infinite.

The Soul: 1
In the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, the human being has 10 bodies not 1. The 10 Spiritual Bodies, like numbers, represent parts of our own nature. In discovering the self through these ten aspects, we realize we are a 10-in-1 being.

The first body is called the Soul Body. 

The soul is what you are. The soul is number 1, the seed of individuality and the individual. The soul is the essence and the essential. Its energy may be dormant, waiting for the right moment and environment to unfold. Or, you may experience it as being like an itchy feeling that keeps you from being lazy.

BTW: in the yogic tradition, the soul is an actual thing, not just an abstract concept.
Us Kundalini Yogis believe that we are a soul coming (from above) to experience a human existence (the physical body is our vehicle); and we go “back up” when our time has come.

The Radiant Body: 10
The 10th body is the Radiant Body and refers to a field of energy that extends 9 feet around us. Some refer to the Radiant Body as a band that sits on top of the aura, almost like a golden tip or energy field.

Like millions of suns that have no center but where everywhere is its center. It is you when you realise that you are the glory of God. Being in connection with your radiance gives you great courage. When there is none, you feel like nothing can be accomplished in life.

The Radiant body is self-illuminating, self-sustaining. It is the light that you are. Something extraordinary. Connect to the light that you are and shine fully.

What does this mean for November?

Making the 11 in the month of November a 10+1 is a conscious choice. You give yourself the opportunity to let your soul shine and make it fall in love with the entire existence.

10 is known as a number of all or nothing.

Many of the qualities of the 10 are similar to that of the number 1. But the zero plays a significant part. The zero may nullify the 1, or enhance and intensify all its qualities.

If you connect to this shining light that you are, include your soul and make a conscious commitment to your spiritual journey and see God in all, why would you need to feel the November blues?

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