How to stop overthinking

A new year means 12 new months and 12 new opportunities to share advice. I put much thought into what subject you might get the best out of. Again, please do not hesitate to let me know if you are dealing with a situation, problem or challenge in Your Life which we need to address. Chances … Continue reading How to stop overthinking

Transition and Transformation

How ARE you doing? October is here, the summer holidays are over and let’s face it, we will be preparing Christmas soon. Yes, you are right. Let’s not rush into things and get ahead of the season. The season right now is autumn, or fall: falling leaves, reaping harvest… the time for making space for … Continue reading Transition and Transformation

Why you should say no more often

My summer so far has been marked by one word… “No”.  Actually, no, no is not a word, no is a complete sentence. You do not have to justify yourself for using it. Not ever. Justification is the last step to hell, so don’t. If you have kids, or a puppy like me, you understand … Continue reading Why you should say no more often