The equation of 2021


As a student of the International Karam Kriya School, I have been trained to use numbers. Numerology has now indeed become a passion of mine, because it is so interesting to see what numbers reveal.

Numbers are expressed in everything, the most obvious example being your birthday. 2021 is a number which we are going use a lot over the next 355 or so days.

The sum of 2021 is 5. 5 is the number of balance, paradox, transformation and change. It is also a threshold between the lower and the higher numbers, between the personal and the impersonal. 5 is associated with learning, and experience. The virtue associated to 5 is sacrifice, and of the Ten Spiritual Bodies, 5 is the physical body. 5 is also your identity. A good reference for this year is experiencing your own sense of Self.

What has been dormant in you and feels the need to find an expression?


5 is about balance. The opportunity in the year is avoiding extremes, oscillating, and finding where and when you cross the lines instead.

The narrow balance to withstand the pressure of the extremes increases with your age. Whatever your body needs now will change with your next life cycles. Don’t leave it too late to make the changes. You may no longer be able to support fat or sugar, for example, and you may have already noticed a decline of your physical aptitudes. 5 also expresses a switch, and the physical body is the location of that switch.

A good idea is to be ahead of your time. Anticipate the needs of your physical body instead of running behind.

It’s not just the balance of nutrition, exercise, rest and sex; it’s also about what you take in. Ask yourself how much (social) media do you really need? How many more opinions can you really stand? Where are your boundaries? There are going to be as many positions in this world as there are people. Look inside yourself first. How ever you are feeling inside will come out, as 5 is the number of inversion. Whatever impacts you will impact your communication, and therefore your actions

 Conscious Communication

5 is the throat chakra and the word i.e., communication. What are you communicating, and how are you communicating?

Guru Nanak says: “Speak that which brings you honour.”

Communicate from the truthfulness of your Self.
The only way to find the truth of your Self is to be or to become yourself.

Build bridges not walls

We know from 2020 that the walls are coming down. There is no going back.
The importance of 2021 is to focus energies on building bridges.

The 1 in the 2021 is you: who are you, what is your identity, what is your position?

The challenge of the 3 in the 2+1 of 2021 is that everything the 3 grabs, it will affirm. You are being tested. You are challenged to stand your grounds.

“I affirm me, no matter what.”

The most influential karmic force behind the 3 is that you will want others to affirm who you are. But that is your own training, your own work. You affirm yourself within your Self.

Stand in you, not in your social media profile.

We are one world, and we are full of paradoxes. Holding that paradox within ourselves is a test for each one of us. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to stand in your own center and to develop strength to withstand the storm that is yet to come


Finally, the 3 in the 1 tells us a few things of 2021:

. Put yourself in the picture. Respect yourself, so you can respect others.

. Take all events and consider all as equal value. Every experience, every happy moment, every success, every failure, all that composed your life: equal. Because God is equally present in all.

. See everyone equal in the eyes of God. It’s in your smile, it’s in the brightness of your eyes. Start with your family, your friends, your neighbours. See no colours, see no gender differences, see no race, see no species. Include every sentient being, even flowers and, why not, your food.

One world, one cosmos: Us.

My prayer for you is that you may find the courage and the tenacity to work through your challenges. Rather than obsessing with social media and opinions, be obsessed by the neutrality of your consciousness to stand in your own affirmation. Why are you here? Why are you in this experience?

Rise and shine!
You are You. You are.
You are and you are not.
Such is the paradox of life.
You are a microcosm in the macrocosm.
A point on the circle of the thread of God.

In whatever place you are, excel as you.

The numbers of 2021, by Shiv Charan Singh