(The Journey of) the Soul (number 1)

Sat Nam,

Can you believe this is already the summer edition of our Newsletter Blog? We are now officially starting the second term of the year 2022 (#mindblown). Anyway, how have you been?

I started training Karam Kriya Consultancy with my spiritual teacher Shiv Charan Singh. We study life through numbers, and numbers through life. Each number, from 1 to 9, has certain qualities. These can be natural phenomena; dharmic and karmic values, virtues and vices, and so on. As you can imagine, I am absolutely captivated and passionate about this study. I hope that I will be able to share some of my learnings, and in due course, be able to offer you the option of a Karam Kriya consultation.

The number 10 represents completion, as in 1+0, all plus me, me plus all. The number 11 is, in terms of Kundalini Yoga and Karam Kriya Numerology, the highest expression of God and Me, Me and God, are One.

We are currently fully emerged in the journey of the number 1, the soul, and the simple, yet powerful “I exist”.

Intrigued? Have a happy reading!

Lots of love

The Journey of the Soul

Put simply, 1234 

Karam Kriya numerology is also a science of the sequences.

Every human being goes through at least the one basic sequence, the primal sequence: 1234.

I exist (1), in time (2), in space (3), becoming conscious (4).”

Just take a minute to ponder upon the statement “I exist”.

What does “I exist” mean to you? What does it invoke in your Self? 

You are note your doubts

This simple statement “I exist” was a gigantic revelation for me personally.

On the one hand, we often spiral into an infinite loop of self pity; probably mostly because of shock and trauma that we have suffered during our life.

I exist. I am. But: I am not my past, I am not my traumas, and I am definitely not anything that the games in my mind want me to believe that I am.

Pure and simply: I exist.

I am a soul incarnated in a physical body on this planet to have a human experience.
Let’s be honest with each other. Some of these experiences as a human suck. They stink.

Maybe you got bullied; maybe you never experienced love. You got a divorce; even worse things may have happened to you.

Remember the simplicity (and implied force) of the statement: I exist.

The experience of this “I” changes because it is submitted to the time (2) and the space (3). Yet, this doesn’t mean that you should doubt the existence of the I. Doubt is sabotage. Doubt is the number one killer of every happiness in your cellular being.

Never doubt your right to exist

 In the Karam Kriya numerology grid, the 4 stands over the 1. The number 4 is an expression of neutrality (of the neutral mind).

As the nucleus of the 1 remains the same, can you connect to this inner personality of “I exist” with neutrality – and love?
I’m wishing you a very happy summer, with hopefully many great vacation memories to be made.

Be blessed with love and sunshine until we return again.

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