At ELATE Yoga Wellbeing Luxembourg, everything is about your mental health.
I am here to help you self initiate your healing. 

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Kundalini Yoga Teacher
Life Coach
Karam Kriya Consultancy

The main component of this holistic approach to healing is Kundalini Yoga and, by its application, a yogic way to create a life of purpose, of Dharma. Life through a righteous path.

Your life off the mat will benefit greatly from your practice on the mat. ELATE Yoga Wellbeing Luxembourg endeavors to tailor-fit you a solution.

Yoga gives you many useful techniques and lifestyle changes, which can help you achieve balance in your life.

Karam Kriya, understanding life through numbers, and numbers through life, is spiritual numerology, finding answers in your numbers.

We all go on a sequence through life: 1234, from birth to death. Then, our date of birth and the numbers that are written in that information, provide insight into our personal sequence of life. 

What is your purpose of life? How do you connect to your soul? Why do you feel depression? Why do you fear? Why are you feeling sad?

Karam Kriya Consultancy is very simple: it’s a conversation (confidential) between me and you.

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Your mental health matters.

Sat Nam,