What is Life Coaching anyway?

Life Coaching is such an abstract construct is it not? What is it for? Why does it exist? How does it help me? I understand how this ‘underdog’ profession may be less clear than telling you I used to be a marketing manager.

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You know what a doctor does. You turn to a fitness coach for exercises when your body needs shaping. You seek a physiotherapist when your muscles need  re-education.

They take care of your body. But who takes care of your mind? Who takes care of your soul? Life Coaching is a form of guidance that aids you take charge of your life.

Introductory session to life coaching
on Saturday 24 October 2015 at 10:00 AM

Start leading instead of victimising. The only person responsible for your happiness or your misery is you. It’s not the traffic jam, it’s not the boss, it’s not the other department. Stop complaining, stop the whining and take action!

The definition perspective
Wikipedia says: “Coaching is training or development in which a person called a coach supports a learner in achieving a specific personal or professional goal.”

Hang on, what?

What does it mean?
I have only had the personal experience of how coaching works miracles for myself. Today, I can also relate the experience externally, as I proudly (very proud of their quantum leaps!) gaze upon the effects it has on my clients.

Imagine an autumn morning, maybe a Monday (because yikes, it’s Monday again!), another week ahead, another nerve-racking beginning of traffic jams, stressful meetings, quarrels with the boss, disagreements with colleagues, endless phone calls, sales pressure, and your numbers have to go up, and so does your adrenalin level! It rises and it rises and it rises. The only thing you long for is FRIDAY! Or vacation. Vacation is your solution to escaping life, to coping with stress. But it does not make the stress go away; it just temporarily sets out.

Keep in mind the same setting, but you imagine yourself to wake up every morning invigorated, grateful, with a clear and focussed mindset, knowing exactly how you will be in charge of your life.

When you change your mindset

Traffic jams no longer bother you, because you use the time for self-education. You have set up a morning routine that calms & rejuvenates you. But most of all: your mind is clear and focussed! The subconscious is free of agony and anger, you know you can handle the boss, you know you can handle the stress; you know you can handle the pressure. You have shifted. You are living a life you do not have to escape from because it is great.

This happens to my clients. With coaching and their commit-meant to be the boss of their life (because you are!), relationships improve, health improves, happiness grows.

Does coaching create miracles?
There is no secret behind it. A coach brings you forward. Coaching helps you to guide change the way you want change to happen. Change does not simply occur to you (because it does every day), it is encouraged and the energy is directed towards the changes you want to feel. You are the boss of your life!

Life coaches help you to become the leader of your life, to be in control of your emotions, your behaviour and your results. Now how does that sound? Become the boss of your life.

Sometimes all it takes is for someone to remind you of how to become the leader. A coach is external to your family and friends. We are bold & tell you all the crap that no one else dares to say. In Kundalini Yoga we call this the “poke, provoke and confront” experience. Then we elevate you. We see the genius in you.

Choose to be a warrior, not a victim of your life.
Become part of this experience. Feel the difference.
Live the way you want to. That’s all there is.

Experience a powerful introductory session on Saturday, 24 October 2015 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 at the “Mein Raum” location in Luxembourg-Howald (6 avenue Berchem).

It is a practical workshop for those who value growth and the idea that they are in charge of their life. You can write your future the way you want it to become by getting clear on your strategy, shifting your mindset, increasing your energy and thoroughly audit your life.

The session is part of the “Serenity Workshops” series and open to everyone interested in changing their lives for a drop-in rate of only 25€.

We will talk about how your beliefs are controlling your life.
You will learn how you can use NLP to reprogram your most disempowering belief and turn it into an uplifting empowering emotional state. Imagine what your life is going to become!

Please ask questions, feel free to connect and share your thoughts in a response email to melanie@elatewellbeing.com or put a post on Facebook or the blog.


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  1. Become the boss of your life: how does that make you feel?

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