It’s June, which means that we are officially reaching the half-term of the year. Is the accomplishment of your goals going as planned? Do you need to do some adjustments on the way? Therefore, I was thinking that today might be a good day to talk about choices. Choices  Cardinal rule If you want a … Continue reading Choices

The Rushing Woman Syndrome

How are you doing in 2018? It seems like forever since we have been in touch. I trust that this finds you doing well, and had a great start to the New Year – and if not… things can only get better, right? There is absolutely no way that we are going to talk about … Continue reading The Rushing Woman Syndrome

Me too: I am a Woman

While it is still a bit early for me to put up my decorations for the holidays, I am already thinking about 2018, and projecting some ideas into the future. However, before I lean out, I want to look back to the Kundalini Yoga teacher training, level 2 module, about Authentic Relationships. In fact, there … Continue reading Me too: I am a Woman

kundalini yoga retreat – I AM A WOMAN

Join the first ever Kundalini Yoga weekend retreat in Luxembourg! Faites partie de la première retraite de Kundalini Yoga organisé le temps d’un weekend au Luxembourg! Workshop held in ENGL or FR depending on the majority of participants. Langues: ANGL / FR en dépendance de la demande majoritaire (voir en bas pour un résumé en français). Yogi Bhajan dedicated … Continue reading kundalini yoga retreat – I AM A WOMAN