Sucess Story

Last Saturday, my first client “graduated” from a three-month life coaching experience. Now I know exactly how all you proud parents feel when you see your offspring leaving school. Damn proud! Yet, it is not my pride which stirs this blog: it is my client’s success. I want to share with you an inspiration. 

Success Story

PA200505The first thing to realise about life coaching is that there will be a massive change for you. Massive change! Second, know that you will achieve the best results if you have an absolute willingness to change your status quo. You have to be accountable and responsible for your behaviour, your actions and your beliefs. It is not enough to say you ‘want to’, ‘have to’ or ‘should’ do… you need to be prepared to work for it: work on your Self, on your growth, on your personal development. Be prepared to embrace this change as an opportunity, not a threat. “Don’t wish it were easier. Just wish you were better.” (Jim Rohn)

Lead by example & be the change that you want to see in this world.

Three months ago, I asked one of my friends if I they’d consider being my guinea pig. I bow in respect and gratitude (thank you!) that my friend had the balls and ample enthusiasm to say ‘Yes’.

On the first day, there was a whole bunch of imagination, many disempowering beliefs, and a lot of mess. Fantastic! Today I realise that this is the best position we could have started from. Imagination turns the nothing into something. Over time we freed the subconscious mind from some old beliefs blueprint, worked on turning disempowering thoughts and behaviour patterns into positive ones, and developed a clear strategy for a focussed future. In due course, and by introducing only a couple of changes into life, my friend outgrew the old Self and turned into one of these people who are now very attractive for success.

The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday.

A complete metamorphosis, or how the caterpillar turned into the butterfly. Once you become attractive enough for happiness (or success, same same but different), happiness can find a way to you. To speak the words of Kundalini Yoga Master Yogi Bhajan “If you are happy, happiness will come to you because happiness wants to go where happiness is.” The universe has its own little ways of making the puzzle pieces fit together.

By working on becoming an attractive person inside, you turn into an attractive person outside. Ever heard of this? Yeah, no kidding, it actually works like that. Think about it. When your boss is in a good mood: which mood are you in? Who do you prefer talking to: the grumpy complainer or the positive uplifting person? It’s as simple as that 🙂

Attractiveness attracts attractiveness
Love attracts Love

Last Saturday, a different person walked out of my door than the one who entered and sat down for their first session three months ago: I witnessed a person with increased self-confidence, a clear understanding of life, improved relationships, enhanced stress coping mechanisms, a bigger smile… my heart could not be more proud.

Today I raise this question: how are you doing? What would it feel like if you could say, yes this is my success story too! Been there done that – hell yeah it feels good!

If you are stressed, clueless, and sad… don’t be. Remember: imagination turns nothing into something. Let’s just start from there, shall we?

I am looking forward to it xxx



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  1. and now it’s time to get ready for Christmas 🙂

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