Sadly, we have nearly reached the end of our Karam Kriya training, and are about to start with the ninth and final module on number 9.

For every number we studied in the past year, we, meaning myself and my study group Sangat, have noticed some profound changes to our lives, to our beings, to us. It’s as if our lives were evolving and growing and developing within the energies of the number that we were currently studying.

Some of you may have joined my Sunday Kundalini Yoga workshops where I have relayed some of the wisdom of the numbers and shared with you the karma and the dharma of each of their expressions.

This has always been a blog-Newsletter intended to help you self-initiate your healing. Karam Kriya has proven to be one of the most valuable tools I have studied since I began Kundalini Yoga (nearly to the day) 10 years ago.

Feel free to reach out to me for a personalised conversation using Karam Kriya and discover how it could assist you in your life.

My friend at has written some very insightful blog posts containing Karam Kriya wisdom, and specifically interesting for all the moms out there, addressing subjects such as toxic masculinity hijacking motherhood, and mom guilt. Her imparted wisdom is not just useful for moms (just sayin’…).

Me, myself and I have been captured lately by the theme of sadness, so why don’t we dive a little bit deeper into that?


Longing to belong

Sadness relates, in Karam Kriya, to the number 2. One being comes into this creation and gets separated from everyone and from the source of our creation. When in fact, we are all one, and one with the One. This separation makes us sad. We long to belong.

Moreover, this sadness is a sadness we cannot explain. You feel lonely, void, vulnerable, unhappy, depressed, homesick, unloved, you name it… and everything at once and inexplicably.

What’s more, it is, in fact, a perfectly normal sadness that we all carry inside.

The key of course is, handling it.

Life is overwhelming

One sentence from our classes has stuck with me for a long time now. Shiv Charan Singh told us about a conversation he had with a very young person who was, I believe, stuck in sadness, and if I recall, even to a suicidal point. Whatever Shiv Charan’s question was, I just remember him relating her response and this striking me like lightning:

“…because this reincarnation is too hard to bear.”

Without a doubt, I bet that many of us, myself included, have had thoughts similar to these at some point in our lives.

Once in a while, this life is too hard to bear.

Now what?

Your soul becomes very heavy with all the sadness of this reincarnation (i.e., life).

That is why people turn to drugs, to alcohol, sex, shopping, extreme sports, or any other thing they can find to numb the pain.

Unquestionably, it won’t work.

As I have said, this sadness that you feel, it can’t be numbed. It’s also not there to be numbed.

Numbness is of course the easy way out. But what, I ask you, what if you really, I mean really tried to not numb your sadness, and see what message it carries? The opposite of numbness is consciousness, right?

Accordingly, I never said that it was easy! In fact, it’s one of the hardest things you will have to do in your life.


The big bang occurred, this space we call earth occurred, and now there is time. Without time we would not have the opportunity to live a life, to have all these experiences. However, time and space will always test you.

Consequently, these processes throughout our lifetime occur in what we call sequences.

The basic sequence is 1234: the seed, the roots, the leaves, the blossom, the flower.

In fact, your life is a sequence, and within your life’s sequence there are many, oh so many, other sequences. Even sequences within a sequence.

The numbers of your birthday will give some insight into your life’s sequence, have information for you about your relationships with your parents, siblings, children, friends, your projects, and many other information.


The key sequence to process sadness is 2413. As I said before, it’s not an easy task.

Your mind (related to the number 7, which is paired with the number 3, as 7+3=10 and ten is me and everything) will always want to jump in to rescue you. It will make you find solutions (3).

You will keep jumping between 2 and 3, sadness and reaction.

Within this, you are omitting two vital components, namely the 4 and the 1, consciousness (4), also your heart (4), and your soul (1).

Hence, this is what makes sitting with sadness and observing its key messages so hard.

The 4 (and its paired number 6), reminds us to approach sadness with a neutral mind perspective. Meditation, prayer (number 6), and the key message of 4/6 is stop! Stop jumping to a reaction! Stop your mind from interfering with a rescue plan.

Indeed, let the sadness penetrate through to the 4 towards consciousness, feel it in your heart center. As painful as it may be (4 is pain, trauma). Work with the pain. Feel the pain. Be the pain. Experience the pain. Let the messages (the divine) speak through this lens of neutrality. Meditate, or express this sadness in some way, maybe artistically, with a dance, a poem, a song, a sculpture, a painting, a mantra… just attempt not to numb the pain with drugs or alcohol.

Be humble

For one, let the pain speak to your soul (1) freely. For the other, the virtue of the 1 is humility. Humility is poison to Maya (the world we experience) because it means that you will no longer be seduced by its falseness. The 1 always wants to get to the 4, consciousness.

You may want to ask yourself the question: “Can I hold myself in consciousness today, under any circumstance?”

In fact, your soul is inherently on a journey. The other question therefore becomes: “What do you want to become on this journey of life?”

Furthermore, the related questions, “who must I become, and who am I on this journey?”

On the whole, ask yourself, how can this inherent sadness that is currently occurring, help you become humble? What mantra can assist you in the process? What prayer?

Sad is not bad

Finally, in the world of polarity, you are a long way from home. How can you not be sad? This sadness is even what gives you compassion (8). This sadness can be the river that takes you home, just like the river in nature finds its natural way to the ocean.

As I have hinted, appreciate it. Pure sadness will take you home gently down the mountain, the river flows, and it will arrive to the ocean.

In fact, spiritual wealth knows its way to the ocean. Without the 2 you will never get to the 11, me and God, God and me, are one. Without the 2, there is no passion, no desire, melancholy, longing of the soul. If you don’t feel that, you won’t have that flow to take you up the sequence of 2-5-8-11, physical intercourse, social intercourse, energetic intercourse, universal connection.

Therefore, sad is not bad. It’s simply important to be with it, and not to avoid it or let it take you down the black hole.

In conclusion

The journey of the number 2 was one of the most profound ones during the Karam Kriya training. It gave me, probably us, a perspective on the power of No and the necessity of sadness. Nowadays, I try and remind myself of this process 2413 whenever I am faced with a certain sadness in my life. It’s not always easy to bring the sadness to consciousness, and to figure out what it wants from me, but in the end, I usually succeed.