My Top 5 Commit-Meant Tips

I hope that the New Year has started well for you? Here is to 2016 giving us an abundance of opportunities to shape our soul diamond!

k-P1130989At the beginning of each year, one word pops up repeatedly: RESOLUTION. But what does it actually mean? The dictionary states that resolution is “the act of determining upon an action, course of action, method, or procedure…”

Did you see the word in there? ‘Determining’: in other words, your determination to change something that is obsolete. It means that you have the firm intention to take on a challenge, or a course of action. It’s also called commitment. Or “Commit-Meant”.

The difficulty in determining a resolution is not so much to define it, or to set the intention; it is sticking to the change until you obtain the desired results. Therefore I will give your below my Top 5 tips on how to keep up, and be kept up.

My Top 5 Commit-Meant Tips

Tip 1: Discipline

In Kundalini Yoga the daily discipline of spiritual practice is called Sadhana. Yogi Bhajan says that Sadhana is “a personal process in which you bring out your best.” Develop a regular Sadhana and you take control of your life.

No matter how hard the road seems, or how rocky the street is, keep up!

Tip 2: Feedback
If it does not work for you, then change it. You are not a tree. What I mean by discipline is that you keep up the good work, but I do not mean continue doing something that is not beneficial or aiding you in some way.

If you find that plan A is not working, then use plan B, C or D. It’s as simple as that.

Tip 3: Beliefs
Yes the big ‘B’ word! Beliefs are controlling your life. What you think is the way you will act.

Coach, author, teacher and strategist Carl Massy says: “BELIEFS lead us to BEHAVE in a particular way and it is because of our behavior that we have certain EXPERIENCE”. If you want to experience a whole new life — new results, new relationships, new adventures, new abundance — you have to work on your beliefs.

Are your beliefs torturing you down a dark spiral, or are they unlocking your potential? You are not going to become a better person by thinking the old stuff. Free your mind and the rest will follow.

Tip 4: The Universe is working for you
Don’t let a small setback discourage you! As Carl says, any ‘thought’ that life is against you is just a mental illusion.

You are an infinite soul on earth to live the human experience. Live your dharma (the path of life above the wheel of karma, aligned with your soul and destiny) and you will see that all the pieces of the puzzle you have been searching for fall into place.

The Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan says on Dharma: “When karmas remain so do you. Karma has to become dharma. Dharma is where the accounts are cleared. It is where your discipline and commitments make you positive and graceful. Then you break out of your cocoon and become a leader, elevate all, and leave a legacy.”

Tip 5: Have fun
Do not forget the ultimate and most important of all: enjoy life!

For every achievement you have reached in your resolution’s endeavor, celebrate. Be joyful, smile, for you have reached a milestone. Find some activity that makes you happy: dance, sing, go crazy with shaking the booty! Just enjoy your life, and don’t be too serious about it. It’s just super fantastic to be here.

Love & Light




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