Me too: I am a Woman

While it is still a bit early for me to put up my decorations for the holidays, I am already thinking about 2018, and projecting some ideas into the future. However, before I lean out, I want to look back to the Kundalini Yoga teacher training, level 2 module, about Authentic Relationships.

In fact, there is a lot of material to cover, but one particular subject, I think, requires our immediate attention.

More precisely, I am going to dive right into something important to me – and I hope every woman who reads this (and also the men, don’t feel excluded, feel free to encourage your female entourage and to support your woman) will pick up something – if not anything, then at least the hashtag:


Of course, I am referring to the recent social media activities surrounding the hashtag #metoo. You may have heard of this movement which encourages women who have been sexually assaulted or harassed to stand together in solidarity, and to demonstrate the global scale and extent of the issue.

However, let’s go beyond being victims, and redeem our power.


Me too: I am a Woman 

Me too
Me too, I was sexually assaulted, and I lived with shame for 25 years, not really grasping what happened, until – funny enough – a man brought my attention to the subject. Yeah, a man, the irony of life 😉

I kept this secret for a very long time; until the day I decided that it could no longer hurt me. I would also say that it has influenced my life more than I had wished, more than I was able to support, and I am really making huge efforts to become conscious about leaving the old patterns. It all comes back to forgiveness – but that is a subject of another time.

First, don’t worry if #youtoo, and you are afraid to speak out.
You don’t have to.

What I propose is a major shift in thinking, away from the #metoo victimisation, towards a #IamaWoman empowerment.

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.
Eleanor Roosevelt

Female Power
We are not talking about another ’68 upheaval, I am not a feminist, and I am not going to start burning my bras or underwear (yeah, no ;-))

According to Yogi Bhajan, a woman is the Ultimate Incarnation.

The teachings tell us that a woman’s inborn capacity to excel is 16 times more than a man’s. Your calibre, your consciousness and your self are sixteen times stronger than all the men.

Women also have both sides of the brain working simultaneously, men only have the left side of the brain, due to the fact that the male foetus goes through an acidic bath during the pregnancy. This means that women are for example also more intuitive. You are going to be a mother, so all dangers in and out are known to you.

Women are the nucleus of this Universe. 

The male polarity
Don’t get me wrong! This is not a plea for female opposition, nor is it a war against men. Of course not.

Women are the power of the Adi Shakti.
The question is if you are ready to claim your power.

In this sense, #metoo is opening the path towards the dawn of a new era. But it is not the final destination.

The destination is proclaiming “I am a woman!”, and developing your grace, radiance and nobility. The place of the man in this space is going to shift, and women will support them by virtue of radiance and grace.

Transition and transformation go hand in hand.

Adi Shakti 

Adi Shakti is the Divine Mother, the primal, protective, and generating energy in the cosmos. This is your mantra:

Adi shakti, adi shakti, adi shakti, namo, namo.
Sarab shakti, sarab shakti, sarab shakti, namo, namo.
Pritam bagvati, pritam bagvati, pritam bagvati, namo, namo.
Kundalini, mata shakti, mata shakti, namo, namo.

I bow to the primal power.
I bow to the all-pervading power.
I bow to the creative power at the beginning.
I bow to the mother of all power.

The Creator bowed to you. Without you there’s no Creator. Because without you there’s no Creation. Aad Shakti Namo Namo. That’s what you are: the primal nucleus power with absolutely no deficiency; complete and perfect and positive; one who can create another human being out of her. She can bring God on Earth, she can bring a saint, and she can bring heavens, and she can build a house with a needle which man cannot build with millions of dollars and with all his vigilance. When you are corrupt, you are terribly corrupt. When you are not, you are the most powerful individual psyche on the planet. (Yogi Bhajan)

What does it take to be a woman? 
Be alert, not a flirt
First things first – it’s not makeup you need. A woman’s true beauty comes from within. No amount of makeup or plastic surgery can create that quality of beauty, that inner light and radiance.

Don’t sell yourself openly in an open market. You sell your body and that’s what you are. A woman who is a flirt is the worst enemy of herself. You are not for sale on billboards or magazines. Your existence is not to put your sex on sale. Your whole mentality, sentimentality, and projection is, “How many men appreciate me?” And man’s whole projection is, “How fast can I exploit her?”

The greatest decoration a woman can have is nobility.

Grace yourself
Whenever a woman is cheap she loses her grace. Once you lose your grace you’re just a nothing.

You are your child’s first teacher. You give birth. You are the grace of God. You are the honour, you are the source of all sources. You are the redeemer of all redeemers. From you, this creation is born.

Yogi Bhajan always inspired women to break the cycle of duality, doubt, and insecurity, and to live as women of character with compassion, nobility, and radiance.

If you grace yourself at every moment, there’s no question that God will honour you. And that is what a woman is.

Look Beyond the mirror. Think long-term. Meditate on your power as a woman. You are the spirit, you are the soul, you are the self. Yogi Bhajan shared an amazing wealth of yogic teachings for women, including many techniques to empower us in accessing our inner strength, dignity, and sacredness.

Copy paste retain
#metoo is just a footstep towards a new raise in consciousness. Raise your own consciousness, and let’s work together to form a unity.

Instead of being the victim of #metoo, start to claim your purpose as a woman. I was looking for an easy sentence which you can copy, paste and retain. Feel the freedom and the need to declare:

I am a woman, and I am the space of my grace.

In Conclusion

Yogi Bhajan shared an amazing wealth of yogic teachings for women. Whether or not you are a yogi, believe in the teachings, in Kundalini Yoga, or in Yogi Bhajan – or not – is irrelevant. “I am a woman” is universal; unrelated to faith or beliefs. It’s a fact. Own it. Yogi Bhajan insisted upon the nobility and invincibility of woman when she claims her rightful power and majesty as Shakti, the feminine aspect of God, the power through which creation was created. May the teachings be your resource to open that door.

What I am seeking from you is a very simple reflection of you. Be innocent, be radiant, and keep your mind unpolluted. Stop scheming and start living.
Yogi Bhajan

Adi Shakti Namo Namo

Light & Love



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