It’s June, which means that we are officially reaching the half-term of the year.

Is the accomplishment of your goals going as planned? Do you need to do some adjustments on the way? Therefore, I was thinking that today might be a good day to talk about choices.


Cardinal rule
If you want a cardinal rule on making choices, then you will have to continue waiting.

Do you have trouble, even panic attacks when you are confronted with choices? Do you find it difficult to make choices?  I think that there are no bad choices!

Sometimes, life’s choices are not just as easy as fish or chicken on the plane. I myself am a bit of an elaborate chooser; which has probably much to do with the fact that I absolutely love and adore overthinking.

Deal with it!
What are choices then?

Choices are, in fact, very easy. There is a situation X, and there is A, B, or C to do. As we live in a free society with freedom to buy, sell or trade; speak, write or pronounce, we have a real privilege to opt for whatever the heart feels, the intuition tells us or the brain decides.

If you make a choice, but then ask yourself, what if I had done the other, how often do you end up with regrets? Regrets are definitely not a key to happiness.

Try and take the regret from the choice and see it from a neutral mind:

The choice happened because that was the information you were dealt at that time, and in that space. Other time, other space, other choice! The question rather is:

What was my lesson?

Making choices
Making choices, or decision making.
Even in business, choices involve risks. It may even be a gamble.

There is no absolute formula to make choices, but you can ask for help.

I mentioned the heart, the intuition and the mind. You can also approach choices more methodically with lists or evaluations, or create scenarios.

One of the choices in Your Life is your path.
A spiritual path, or a neurotic path for example.

Yogi Bhajan says whatever path we take in life, the requirement of life is the same.

For a spiritual path it takes X amount of discipline of the mind and body. To accomplish that discipline takes Y amount of energy. For a neurotic path it also takes X amount of discipline and Y amount of energy. Each has its own habits and challenges. It takes the same energy, the same amount of meditation to become a confirmed thief as a confirmed saint. The same energy must be directed. (Yogi Bhajan)

The Spiritual Path

The spiritual path is a long haul. It is vast, subtle, and refined. The neurotic path is immediate, reactive, right there. It is tangible, and automatically physically expressed.

The problem with walking on the spiritual path is that you are tested at every step. Each step expands you, lifts you, and gives you elevation. But on the neurotic path, the path of ego, you enjoy every step, but every step is just flat. No lift, no elevation. You get so tied into it that soon nothing can reach you.

The immediate pleasures of the ego cut you out of the picture and drag you away from the soul. Choose that path and you will never penetrate through your own mind and see the light of the soul, which is the part of God that is in you.

There is a joy in ego because it is now. But the ego is also blind, and that is why there is pain in life.  This is exactly what the mind does to you. The mind loves to feel its power and have you pay attention to it rather than to you and your soul.

On the spiritual path you have to pass through your mind to reach the soul. But mind is not bound in time and space. You must create a focus, an identity, a sensitivity to be beyond time and beyond the challenge of space. Then the soul is always immediate and present. It gives you a flow and makes your presence glow.

Throughout all your activities, you have to relate, connect, and keep your soul with God. When you are eating, living, waiting, driving, anytime, remember. Keep your soul with God.

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan
This lecture can be found in The Mind: Its Projections and Multiple Facets available through KRI.

Meditation for Guidance

Build your practice of this meditation slowly up to 31 minutes. At times when the path of truth and clarity seems lost, calm yourself and still your mind, then the path will come to you. In this meditation, the head is out as if to be sacrificed and given to the Guru or the higher Self. Besides strengthening your mental direction, it can alleviate any blood disease. For yogic therapy, this meditation can slowly be built up to two and a half hours. To live life according to the guidance of the inner truth is essential. If you don’t, you will have doubts. If doubts are not removed, then frustration comes in. Frustration, when not released, leads to anger. Anger then leads to destructive action either to the Self, others, or both. To stop this vicious cycle, create the habit to still the Self and ask questions of your own higher consciousness. This meditation develops that capacity.

Mentally Vibrate (11 min)
Sit with straight spine in Easy Pose or Lotus Pose.
Make the hands into a cup with the palms facing up. Leave a small gap between the sides of the Mercury (pinkie) fingers.
Bow the head forward over the palms. Look into the palms with the eyes almost closed.
Inhale in 10 segments and exhale in 10 segments.
Mentally vibrate the mantra Whaaho Guru. Vibrate Whaaho with each segment of the inhale and Guru with each segment of the exhale.

Chant in a Monotone (5 min to 2 hrs 30 min)
Sit with straight spine in Easy Pose or Lotus Pose.
Chant in a monotone: Whaaho aloud 8 times and then Guru aloud 8 times.

From: Kriya: Yoga Sets, Meditations, Classic Kriyas


In Conclusion

Everything is about choices. That’s just the way life is. It’s part of what makes a human experience unique. Making choices may be easier for one person than for the other. This is also partly just to do with who we are, and what background we have, or how we were educated. What I don’t want you to do in the future is be sad about the what if’s, or regret what you have chosen to do. If you find yourself in this situation, please just put your mind into a different frame, and ask yourself what has this choice taught me for life, and what did it bring to my experience?


And so it is, that both the Devil and the angelic Spirit present us with objects of desire to awaken our power of choice.

Light & Love



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