Solitude Vs. Loneliness


You have probably heard this before, maybe even from me, your thoughts are what make you. If you find yourself getting into a spiral of dark, negative thoughts (concerning yourself, your self-worth, your future or present status), don’t.

While some people spend time searching for some alone time, or quality me-time, others are frightened by the prospect of spending time alone dwelling in their own thoughts.

Discipline your mind to become the vector of your own wellbeing through your thoughts. People seek out solitary settings to be able to regress into their thought feelings and try and make some sense of the maze.

During meditation, we aim for shuniya, becoming zero. A peaceful state of being when you become Infinity:

“In my depth here, in my soul solitude, in my extreme bright loneliness, in my wonderful peace and tranquillity, without emotion, commotion, feeling, doubt, vengeance.” (Yogi Bhajan).


Ask any life coach (or yogi…), morning habits make all the difference.

Kundalini Yogis start the day with Sadhana, personal daily practice. The entire sequence of the Sadhana for the Aquarian Age is composed of a 2.5 hours’ set, to be accomplished before sunrise.

While you might not be a yogi, I wonder if you start your day by blessing yourself, thinking positive thoughts for the day ahead?

The more you become comfortable with establishing a positive morning routine which includes something to purge your negative thoughts, or cleansing the subconscious, the more you will get comfortable with being in the presence of your thoughts and yourself. Just launch a trial and gather some empirical data for yourself. What happens to your state of being on the days you meditate in the morning?


Learn to be in the presence of, and to love your own company.

Faced with the challenges and the opportunities of a journey alone, you will learn a lot about how you deal with different situations with no one accompanying you to make decisions.  

I learnt a very long time ago that travelling by myself has made me more comfortable with solitude.

However, be aware that this can become an addictive state, as I absolutely love my alone time, and sometimes have difficulties now to manoeuvre myself into social gatherings. So, you know, it’s all about balance!


Feel like you started to live mechanically, without joy or creativity?

Being by yourself, turn to your self, find that spark that helps you light your self-awareness.

Find someone or something that inspires you to outgrow your current limitations. “Shop around” until you have found that what will help you open up to your soul.

Healing from your past and your past lives can, in my opinion, not be achieved alone. You have to do the work alone, but you can accept help and guidance. 

There is a fine line between solitude and loneliness. While one brings feelings of sadness and troubles our hearts (loneliness), the other can enhance a positive feeling of inner balance (solitude). I really hope that the past year hasn’t left deep scars in you, and that you have managed to pull yourself up and out. Remember that it is never to late to start healing!

May you be blessed with braveness, kindness and radiance.

Sat Nam!

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